Glenn Tufts Giants Futures Travel Baseball Club



  • Ages 9U-12U (as of May 1, 2017) Giants Futures Travel Baseball Club Tryouts will be held August 6-7 from 9-12
  • Ages 13U-18U (as of May 1, 2017) Giants Futures Travel Baseball Club Tryouts will be held TBA

The Glenn Tufts Giants Futures Travel Baseball Club 2016-2017 is a developmental travel baseball program for ages 9-18. YOU MUST USE OUR ONLINE REGISTRATION SYSTEM.

Glenn Tufts Giants Futures Travel Baseball Club has 36 years of professional experience in development, training and is dedicated to the overall development and growth of every individual player. Our mission is to help each player achieve personal goals along with our mission to teach our young men to be “good men”.

GlennTufts_Logo_smallDuring the 2016-17 season, our 36th year of developmental training, Giants Futures will field travel baseball teams in several age groups: 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U, 15U and High School Level. The player’s age as of May 1, 2017 determines the age of the team your son qualifies for in tryouts.

Beginning in April 2017 the 9U’s, 10U’s, 11U’s and 12U’s will play approximately 25 games per season; the 13U’s and 14U’s will play approximately 35 games per season; and beginning in June 2017 after the High School season ends the Senior Level’s will play approximately 25 games per season. We make every attempt to play our outdoor schedule as promised despite the unpredictability of the New England weather. The “season” consists of games (mostly doubleheaders on weekends), from April to mid-June for the 9U’s, 10U’s, 11U’s and 12U’s; April to the end of July for the 13U’s through 14U’s; and early June through end of July for the Senior Level Teams. The game total includes out of state tournaments as well as New England based games.

Teaching and instruction does not end when the season begins!

We have 3 roving instructors that will participate with players throughout the entire season. We have 1 Roving Hitting Instructor, 1 Roving Fielding, and 1 Roving Pitching Instructor. These specialty instructors will attend some games, practices and will be available for private instruction.

In keeping with our mission to “teach and develop baseball players”, our roster sizes will be no more than 12 players per youth teams and 14 players per senior level teams. Limiting the roster size will help maximize playing time as well as assist our coaches in the fair distribution of playing time. Coaches are asked to abide by our playing time guideline which states that each player will play a minimum of 50% of the team’s innings per season in the field.

Off Season Team Workouts and Baseball Instructional Clinics.
Indoor workouts will begin November 2016.

Players selected for their respective age group teams will have 90 minute team practices twice weekly beginning in early November 2016 and will continue through the end of March 2017. The schedule for team practices will be listed on our web site by early October 2016. Coaches will reach out via email or phone to all players. Once the outdoor season begins, the indoor facility may be used for practices and each player may have unlimited use of facility as a member of Glenn Tufts Giants Futures as scheduled by the team manager.

Special clinics for our Giants Futures players are scheduled each year and can be the most rewarding learning experience our players receive. In addition to our very knowledgeable group of dedicated coaches we have professional instructors that many whom are currently playing pro ball, have coached pro ball, as well as top ranked professional scouts and college coaches. Attendance is optional and a minimal fee may accompany some of these clinics.