About Play Ball Baseball Camp and Glenn Tufts

Celebrating Thirty-six Years…

Our camp program has been designed to provide individual instruction accentuated by baseball skill improvement for youngsters 5 to 16. Each camper will be given instruction with the stress always on fundamentals and improvement of fundamentals. Each participant will play in at least one controlled baseball game each day.

No camper will be out of place in our program, regardless of his ability level. Our goal is not to establish a standard for the youth to attain, but to encourage and enable him/her to reach his/her own potential level with our teaching and assistance.

We realize each youngster will fall into a different ability level category, but each child will receive the same amount of time for playing and instruction regardless of his level.

We will strive for certain individual goals for each youngster with our major objectives being TOTAL PARTICIPATION & TO HAVE FUN!

Camp Directors: Glenn Tufts – Kieth Bilodeau


home1Just A Little Boy

He stands at the plate
With his heart pounding fast.
The Bases are loaded
The dye has been cast.
Mom and Dad cannot help him
He stands all alone.
A hit at this moment
Would send his team home;
The ball nears the plate
He swings and he misses
There’s a groan from the crowd
With some boos and some hisses;
A thoughtless voice cries:
“Strike out the bum,”
home4Tears fill his eyes
The game’s no longer fun.
Remember he’s just a little boy
Who stands all alone;
So open your heart
And give him a break;
For it’s moments like this
A man you could make;
Keep this in mind when you
Hear someone forget,
He’s Just A Little Boy
And not a man yet …